End of the Road…Almost

As the semester comes to a close, and this class comes to an end, I wanted to write one last blog post that acts as a capstone to my experience with English 229.  This class has primarily been divided into three units: Observe, Create and Intervene.  It’s funny, because when I try to narrow down the three biggest things that I’ve learned from this course, they correspond directly to the three units.

  • OBSERVE – Writing in the Legal Field:  WIth the first unit, I worked primarily with legal academic journals, specifically IP law.  When it came time for me to complete the assessment for the unit, I got to write in the same style as the journals, using language and structure that I hadn’t used before, but will hopefully use in the future.
  • CREATE – Personal Website:  The second unit taught me a lot about self-marketing and networking, but I learned the most from making my own website.  I was able to make a simple, clean site that gave potential employers enough information but still left them wanting more.  I actually referenced the website and gave the URL to one of the HR representatives that interviewed me for an internship; I got an offer, and I like to think that the website contributed to that.
  • INTERVINE – From Beyond Michigan to Saving Books:  Where do I even begin with the last unit.  I’m not exaggerating when I say that this project alone has taught me more than some of the classes I’ve taken at UM.  I gleaned valuable lessons in group communication, for-profit/non-profit joint work, and most importantly, teamwork.

Overall, this class has been an amazing experience, but it’s only one step in my journey up the professional workplace mountain!


One thought on “End of the Road…Almost

  1. Although my professional path is different from your path, I can say that I too have learned a lot through the three units from this semester. I also am using my website as a way to market myself with finding internships for this summer. Haven’t been lucky enough to land one yet, but I am hoping that my website is offering a unique aspect that will make me a stronger candidate.

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