Who? From where? About what?

Recently I have been in contact with several (5 to be specific) companies for summer internships.  All of which I have been put in contact with through my dad.  Although having some type of connection gives me a leg up, I find myself trying even harder to impress and prove myself.  The last thing I want is to be given an internship that no one believes I deserve.  

However, keeping up with five different companies that I have never heard of before with five different people whom I have never met before can be quite confusing and at times overwhelming.  How am I supposed to impress all these people if I can barely keep track of which person belongs to which company?  

After complaining to my dad about these difficulties, he suggested I keep a log on on an excel or word document on my computer.  Not sure why I hadn’t thought of it because it seems obvious in retrospect, but nonetheless I took his advice and created what I titled as my Contact Log.  I am able to organize each company into a table that includes the person I am in contact with and their contact information, our contact history with dates and types of contact, reminders of when I should make future contact, and a notes section for any other necessary information that helps me keep everything straight.  This has helped me tremendously in keeping track of all contact information and ultimately being able to stay professional with each company.  

Presenting myself in the most professional way is something that I value highly because I believe it can only help my case in securing at least one of these opportunities for this summer.  Fingers crossed that it works out! 


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