What’s your problem?

High school made me hate group projects. They might as well have been individual assignments because I was always stuck with those people whose only contribution was making excuses as to why they couldn’t contribute.

After reading the chapter by Kennedy on Solving Problems Through Progress Reports and Completion Reports, I realized that many of the problems that arise from group projects are due to members not voicing their opinions on the project. After thinking about this for awhile, I came up with a short list (yay, list!) on some of the reasons why members don’t always say what’s on their mind:

1. They don’t want to anger other group members.

2. If everyone else likes the proposed idea except them, they don’t want to be THAT guy that disagrees.

3. They don’t think their opinion will be valued or taken into consideration.

I have one piece of advice to people who struggle with any one of those that I listed: JUST. SAY. IT. By stating your opinion on an idea for your project, you’re not forcing it down your group’s throat or tricking them into agreeing with you, and you’re not saying that your idea is better than anyone elses. By saying what’s on your mind, you’re being a productive group member and even if your teammates do not agree with what you have to say… then that’s alright. It’s called life.


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