Being that Annoying Person on Facebook

So at least 2 out of the 3 groups in our class have created Facebook pages to spread the word about the initiatives we’re supporting on campus. But since you can’t even find our pages in the search, how is that effective? Baby steps guys, baby steps.

Every Facebook page starts with zero likes. Then the admins are the only ones who like it. Then maybe the admins’ close friends who know they have to like it or they’ll never hear the end of it. Maybe they’ll even ask some of their friends to like it, but not likely. Then some of the friends who you’ve invited like 6 times will finally like it, but everyone else you’ve invited isn’t likely to care no matter what. So where do you go from there?

Spread the word. Obviously you can pay to boost your page or post through Facebook but there are also other techniques to use. Put the Facebook URL on your other marketing materials. Give incentives for ‘customers’ to like your page. Create content that is relevant, funny and fresh so people want to see your updates and follow you. Relate to the target consumer so that they feel their needs are being met by supporting you. If you want to provide information, do it in simple and easy ways.

Facebook is a great marketing tool to reach the masses. You just have to have a way to reach them.


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