Girls: Click to Find Happiness

I have written about Buzzfeed and the importance of ‘short and to the point.’ I have decided to practice what I preach by attempting to take the most complex idea, “finding happiness,” and simplifying it.

Here are my six steps to get you going:

1. Never turn down an opportunity to dine with friends. Making it there is step one. Now turn your phone off, and allow yourself to enjoy it. My friends and I play a game where we all put our phones in the middle of the table, and the first one to touch her phone has to buy dessert. Ahh to enjoy oneself in the absence of a phone is hard at first, but rewarding. Active listening is an art form, ladies. I promise you, your friends have funny stuff to say, just give them the chance.

2. Vow to love the idea that you may never look like the actress on the cover of Vogue. Because, in fact, she doesn’t. Relieve yourself here and here. I vowed for one month to not buy any magazines, go on any model/actress’s Instagram, and tell myself everyday one thing I loved about myself, inside or out. The result was empowering. By focusing on what I rock at, rather than what I envy in others, I found a certain peace within myself.

3. Watch your mouth. 

Lying. It gets you nowhere. Telling the truth, even in the hardest situations, will build character and build trust with those around you.

Gossip. Remember the last time you liked when someone gossiped about you? Right.

Mean what you say. Keep promises and never speak words that you do not agree with because of your audience.

4. Believe in yourself and work hard. Write your goals down, but know that they can change. Love your goals because they are something you want for yourself, not your parents or friends. Believe in these goals, or else no one else will.  I was almost embarrassed the first time I physically wrote my long term goals down. I thought they were too lofty and if I set my sights lower, I couldn’t be disappointed. Then I realized that the only thing more boring than that would be eating oatmeal while I watch QVC on the elliptical.

5. Cherish your relationships. Never give up an opportunity to love- so forgive, and forget. Recognize you make mistakes, but know when you deserve better. Call home. Value a friend that will stay in and watch Netflix, and a boyfriend that loves your flaws.

6. Don’t regret something that other people have already forgotten about.


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