A good pitch…

I recently watched a pitch on the show Dragons Den (which is basically a Canadian Shark Tank). The pitch was for a company called tentree. Basically, the guys had a business idea that had already been in place, and was succeeding. They went on the show to try and get funding to grow the business even larger. They presented how the revenue had doubled every month since they started the business, and the cost they had in planting the trees and making the apparel.

Not every one of the business executives wanted to take the pitch, but two offered to work together on it, and another offered a different proposal. The guys ended up getting the money they asked for, and it was because they appealed to the right executive’s needs. As we saw in the Markel reading, that is usually what it comes down to.

Furthermore, the guys making the pitch actually brought their product to the proposal. This paired with the market research/ information that they obtained by having the business operating for three months.


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