Will You Marry Me?

Okay, maybe not the kind of proposal we’re talking about here.

BUT in a way, marriage proposals and business proposals are one in the same: both suggest a change to be made and offer a solution to put this change into action.

A proposal is the first step in a business making a difference (either within the company itself, or on a more global scale). While reading the Markel chapter about proposals, I couldn’t help but think back to a project I participated in back when I was in 5th grade. That year of school, we took part in something called ‘Mini Society,’ where we were asked to team up with two other classmates and form a small business. At the very beginning of the project, we had to write up a team proposal that identified the product we were going to make, and the reason for making that product. My team decided to make small pillows in interesting shapes and colors, because who doesn’t need more pillows?  We claimed that these pillows were going to make people sleep better and essentially revolutionize the world of ZZZZZ’s.

Although we sadly did not start a movement, at that young age I saw the importance of a proposal. It gave me a mission for the final outcome of our product and a reason to work hard. Without taking the time to really identify a problem and suggest a way to fix it, productive change would be difficult to make (or it would take place at the cost of wasted time, and  drained resources).  While businesses work to solve problems in many ways, one thing remains constant: a proposal is the catalyst, and the key.

So while you might not be getting a diamond ring with your next proposal, don’t shy away from taking that step. It is the first step towards a future of happiness.

Now… time to cut the cake.


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