To Tackle The Problem, The More The Merrier


The first step to solving a problem in our world, country, state, community, etc. is to identify the problem. But I also think one of the harder steps is figuring out how to tackle the problem. Personally, I’ve always found it hard to ask for help when I’m struggling in class or anything along those lines because I think I can figure it out on my own. Sometimes that works and sometimes I end up failing a test. Not fun. Realizing that a business can’t always rely on itself to solve a problem is extremely important.

I volunteer at Food Gatherers, whose problem to tackle is “to alleviate and eliminate hunger in the community.” This non-profit organization relies heavily on over 150 food donors (not including individual donors) and volunteers to fulfill their mission. And where would they be without all this help? Perhaps the organization would fail. Perhaps they wouldn’t do as well of a job as they could to tackle the problem with community hunger. Maybe we won’t know what would happen, but we do know that they would’t be as successful without the help of other business and organizations.




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