Starting With a Proposal

According to the chapter “Writing Proposals”, “a proposal is an offer to carry out research or to provide a product or a service” (432).  If a business has an idea on how to solve an issue in the world, they must provide a proposal to show that they have a plan on how to go about solving the issue and the adequate resources to execute the plan.  To write an effective proposal, you must tap into the art of persuasion to convince the reader that the idea that you are proposing is a good and worthwhile idea.  Three important components to being able to persuade the readers is addressing in the proposal “that you understand their needs, that you have already determined what you plan to do and that you are able to do it, and that you are a professional and are committed to fulfilling your promises” (437).

Accomplishing these three components in the proposal and following through will help you become more credible for any future proposals.


One thought on “Starting With a Proposal

  1. I also really liked the idea of hitting these three points in a proposal and you’ll persuade whomever you are targeting, but I think there’s more to it than that. Persuasion isn’t as easy as 1,2,3…. People are skeptics and want more than that. They want full commitment and passion. They want to feel as if your proposal to them is the center of your world and you are going to go every extra mile to see it through.

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