How Organizations Work to Solve Problems

I think one of the most important elements in an organization’s goal to solve problems is their mission statement or main goal that they create at the beginning of the organization’s creation. After creating this mission statement, all of the work that is done from that point onward is in the aim of achieving that goal or following the mission statement. For example, if a Non-Profit organization has a mission statement that states that they will help the homeless, from there on they are always in a search for opportunities to achieve this goal. 

With this in mind, organizations work to ensure that they are always moving and changing elements of their business to keep up with the need that they are trying to fulfill. A good organization knows that even if things are going well, it must always keep changing. The needs and opportunities to help will always be changing and organizations work to flow with the changing needs of society to solve problems.


One thought on “How Organizations Work to Solve Problems

  1. Yes I agree with you. Mission statements are certainly a very important part of any organization or business. It’s just like setting goals for yourself. With these goals in mind, we can move forward. I do think, however, that progression and adaptation is just as important. I do not think that being stubborn and refusing to change everything can really hurt an organization. A business needs to be willing to change the way it operates if the problem changes or other contingencies come up.

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