How Organizations Work to Solve Problems

In trying to resolve issues, one of the more important aspects is coming in with effective research and planning. As the “Writing Proposals” chapter notes, this should be expressed through each section of the proposal and cover many aspects surrounding the organization’s goals, such as what resources will be needed and how everyone will benefit. This will help the organization in building the goals they want to accomplish and lend credibility to the organization that they can effectively complete the task and make their arguments more persuasive, which will make their plans likelier to be supported and succeed.

This importance of research can also relate to knowing how the type of group members within the business themselves can impact organization’s effectiveness. This focus can work a few ways, including even knowing the personal strengths and shared goals of the other employees within the organization and how to most effectively collaborate. As the chapter notes, it is also important to know about the organizations you are proposing for in order to be more persuasive in presenting solutions. This can be done through the basic research mentioned earlier, but can even be done from a personal perspective as well, with the chapter mentioning an example about the Venezuelan company preferring a French organization that had built up their relationships before sending in proposals (438). Knowing the other individuals involved within your team and with who you are trying to persuade can result in more persuasive and effective work in completing certain tasks.


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