Who Needs the Weather Channel When You Have Facebook?

So reading all of these posts has made me think a lot about the relevance of posts on social networks, layouts of social networks, and just conversations in general. We have had about 20,000 snowpocolypses this winter, and how do I know this? Probably because my newsfeed on Facebook has people screenshotting their weather apps or updating a status about how Michigan weather is terrible. Newsflash, most of us know because we live here…and for those who don’t live in Michigan, they are loving their Florida sunshine even more.

And then there are the boring layouts previous classmates commented about on LinkedIn that leave us with absolutely no room to show who we are outside of a classroom or office. And on this social network, you’re definitely not going to post about the weather or the St. Patty’s Day shenanigans.

So what’s too much? Is using your complete freedom on Facebook to your advantage or should we merge towards more limited social networks like LinkedIn? I don’t know…just something to think about. From one Facebook creep to another…I would definitely be bored without being able to surf through people’s pictures from Spring Break…however I know tomorrow morning when I wake up to snow I will not want to log into Facebook until the snow starts to melt again.


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