I Only Read Buzzfeed

Okay, not really. But if I’m reading for fun there’s a 95% chance it’s a Buzzfeed article.They rock because they are quick to the point and involve pictures. Only these works of art can hang onto my third grade attention span. Then I realized the bigger theme here. Buzzfeed is “the cats meow” because I feel like I’m scrolling through social media. It doesn’t feel like an assignment, rather, an entertaining time killer. You like Instagram? Buzzfeed has pictures too. You like quick captions on Facebook (excluding Great Aunt Cathy’s rants)? Buzzfeed practically invented them. The bonus: instead of educating myself on what my friend’s ate for lunch an hour ago, I read images that expand my knowledge on popculture (not to discredit the salad Kim ate at Savas for lunch). I realize many things need to be shared in paragraph style. BUT IM JUST SAYIN’ if everyone could try to implement some of Buzzfeed’s signature features in their own writing, I believe this world could be a better place.

Here’s a few ways to try it out:

  • Get to the point Ex: Not this- We see that through estimating the various quantities of children we can provide a coinciding number of crayons. This- Estimate the number of kids so we can get the right amount of crayons.
  • Implement media
  • Adapt a tone that the audience can relate to Ex: When writing this article I knew my peers and teacher would both accept and appreciate a casual tone. I did this my using everyday language, humor, and slang words.

2 thoughts on “I Only Read Buzzfeed

  1. I loved reading this. What I think was done really well (which may not have been intentional) was that you talked about being to the point and casual and funny, and your post was quick, to the point, and funny as well. There are so many times where people post pointless things on social networks, whereas Buzzfeed attracts so many readers because their articles are relevant and quick reads.

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