A Refined Lens

As with many professional web portfolios, my personal LinkedIn site offers little to no room for me to express my creativity using the tools and skills discussed in “Graphics and Multimedia in Web Portfolios”. That being so, I probably won’t be able to put what I had just learned to practical use. However, after reading through this piece, I have now gained a more polished lens for analyzing and critiquing other web portfolios that do offer a creative outlet.

I never gave much thought to images or any sort of graphics that I would see on a Web portfolio. This reading however did make me realize that when an individual uploads a graphic onto his or her portfolio, it was done for a reason. The individual wanted to convey something through the graphic that couldn’t be accomplished through words by themselves. Thus, I reevaluated the way in which I should approach pieces that include graphics; when I come across an image now, I will give it a little more attention to try to determine the individual’s specific purpose in including it. This approach will hopefully give me a more thorough grasp for the individual behind the portfolio and allow me to see his or her works in a more appreciative light.


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