Yahoo CRAP

After doing todays reading on Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, and Proximity, aka CRAP, i wanted to take a look at a popular website i often look at and see how it compares in terms of todays reading. 

Contrast: Yahoo’s page seems to be filled with information and articles coming at you from every direction. The center of the page is the main point for articles as it has a big picture and artlce title along with many more under it with tiny pictures. All the writing on the page is blue which can doesn’t highlight any specific article more than others. 

Repetition: safe to say uses lots of repition as almost all articles are presented in the same way. A Picture and blue headline. The trending now part of the page has a bolder writing style than the rest of the writing on the page. Throughout the page everything remains constant and on point.

Alignment:  Everything on the yahoo page is placed strategically in order with what the website is trying to display. The site it split in different section which each have their own purpose. The left hand column has the navigation links for anything you are looking for from email, sports, dating, jobs, and everything in between. Go further right and scroll down there is a section for weather. A lot of information is on the page, and can get  little overwhelming, but it all serves its purpose. The website definitely has a fresh look. 

Proximity: Yahoo holds to this principle better than any website. Every article and headline stays in the section of the website where it is supposed to be. Anything trending stays in the trending section. All writing is blue keeping giving the website its unique look. Everything about the website stays true to the message and proximity. 

Sticking to these principals is a reason why this website strives with many returning users daily. It is obvious that the website has been setup with a purpose and they stick to it by the constancy of the layout. Whenever I am on I know where to go to get any information I am looking for. 


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