Judging the CRAP on ESPN.com

After reading  The Non-Designer’s Design Book’s section explaining CRAP, I was curious about how websites I normally visit, like www.espn.com, incorporated these 4 aspects. Here is how ESPN fared:


The website’s home page features a mix of red and white that makes it look very visually appealing to any new visitors. The use of different colors for some of the headings (gray) as well as the use of blue for any writing used to highlight links to the relevant stories makes it easier for the reader to navigate the website.


The text font on the page is mostly consistent, with certain areas using bold for column headings or changing the colors depending on the background. Other than that, the font and size of the text is the same for headlines, descriptions, scores, and the articles themselves. The pictures for each section of the homepage that uses them are also mostly the same size.


The homepage itself features white boxes and dark gray headline bars that help to organize the design of the website so that the viewer can more easily see how the page is supposed to be laid out and find the section they want to see, whether its headlines, videos, columns, or even “Sportsnation,” among others. Each page on the website features the logo in the top left, with a black bar along the top listing all the different sports sections that viewers can click to.


ESPN does a nice job on its home page of grouping different elements of its website with other relevant sections. The top 5 stories throughout sports are on the left side of the home page, with other headlines just to the right. Additionally, articles from columnists are featured just underneath these headlines, and the videos featured on the website are collected in the middle of the homepage. The visitor of the website can clearly see how the website is organized and can more easily find what they are looking for.


Can you think of any websites you enjoy that fit these qualities in the same way?


One thought on “Judging the CRAP on ESPN.com

  1. As a fellow ESPN fanatic I find that their website is especially useful for sports fans. They have kept their website’s features consistent for some time which makes using their site easy for frequent visitors. Their repetition makes the site easy to read. In addition their alignment and proximity never changes regardless of what page you’re on so that navigating the site never becomes challenging. I enjoy their website because of how easy it is to find what I am looking for on their site.

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