Social Media in the work place

As an avid user of social media, Social Media – A Moving Target, discussed a lot that I was curious about when it comes to social media. In today’s society it is more crucial than ever to be experienced and knowledgable about social media. What this research revealed was how little social media use in the work place was tolerated. While the positives of social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter are clear, bosses are all too frequently banning their use within the workspace. This is a waste of a great resource.

As the journal points out, social networking sites can connect companies to their customers and are the new marketing tool. In addition social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter can connect people across all distances. I also found it interesting that social media was not commonly used for business to business communication. The reason for this is likely similar to the reason Facebook use is banned in most offices. There is a certain stigma about websites like Facebook and Twitter.

These websites are too frequently disregarded because they are seen as time-wasters. Cyberloafing, using the internet to distract you from work, is a problem. However, Facebook and Twitter are effective tools that, when utilized properly, can allow for new possibilities for companies. The modern business should encourage social media use during the work day. Eventually a new tool will pass social media as the next great marketing tool. Until then, companies must stop squandering the great opportunity that sits in front of their employee’s. 


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