Blown Out of Proportion

Too often in sports journalism there is a strong focus on both individuals (i.e.. Brady vs Manning) and they blow issues out of proportion taking away from the overall sport. If you haven’t seen Richard Sherman, corner back for the Seattle Seahawks, rant after the NFC Championship last sunday, chances are you haven’t seen any sports articles or shows. That is all anyone is talking about. In my opinion, sports journalism focuses too much on individuals and less on the more important aspect of team. The team wins the game and any true professional always relates back to the team and uses “we” instead of I. Richard Sherman didn’t do that. He took all focus off the team and spoke about his one on one matchup with a receiver on the San Francisco 49’ers, Crabtree. In my opinion the media took it a step further and continued to push Sherman to get more of his ranting and selfishness for their own benefit. The headlines were all about Sherman and his post game ranting. I almost forgot how the game went because the focus was taken away from it. I put a lot of blame on the media blowing this incident(s) out of proportion. After all, they are the ones who influence are judgement.

Another example of taking away from team aspect of sports is the media’s focus on individuals.  People love seeing and reading about the best players going head to head so i understand why it’s done. However, in the genre i focused on, all the articles related back to one player absent due to injury or one player is to blame for the loss. In the end, it comes down to the team. Everything is done as a team and I wish there was more of that focus in sports journalism.

Brady vs Manning - Who's better?

Maybe they’re equal, but the games are decided on who has the better team at that particular time.


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